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Shoei J-Cruise 2 Aglero TC5
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Shoei J-Cruise 2 Aglero TC5

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Starting from the handsome yet simple design of the previous model, the J-Cruise II offers an even more modern, refined shell style. We took a hard look at the details such as the operating mechanism of the sun visor and other parts, to create a more compact shell than the previous model.
We also redesigned the back of the helmet for better aerodynamic performance with a unique shape, transforming this helmet into an aero-device where the shell shape serves as a spoiler.


The heat that a rider experiences has a direct effect on how exhausted they feel. The helmet's ability keep things cool inside of the helmet through proper ventilation is a crucial factor that riders require from any helmet.
The J-Cruise II has undergone repeated tests at SHOEI's own large-scale wind tunnel test facility, in the relentless pursuit of improving ventilation performance. Another intake hole has been added to the upper air intake for 30% more inflow of air into the helmet vs. the previous model.
We also studied many different shapes for the top air outlet, to provide the best shape for optimum air outflow efficiency. As a result, we increased the outflow air volume by 20% or more, while maintaining the same number of air outlet holes as the previous model.


The J-Cruise II uses the CJ-2 shield/visor, with a minimum of distortion and a clear field of view. The rib on the bottom edge of the shield/visor has been designed for greater rigidity, and wind turbulence within the helmet has been kept to a bare minimum. The window beading was changed from the previous double-lipped shape to airtight-sealed window beading, which offers both excellent sealing performance and durability. This design offers a helmet with superior airtight performance.


Although the shields/visors on open-faced helmets that cover the rider's entire face allow light to enter over a wider area, care needs to be taken to reduce glare. The J-Cruise II uses a QSV-2 sun visor that is 5 mm longer than the previous model, to reduce the amount of sunlight that comes in through the lower part of the shield/visor. With a longer sun visor, the distance from the wearer's nose when using the sun visor is closer than on the QSV-1, so the shape of the nose part has been cut deeper than the QSV-1 to avoid contact.


The fabric used on the interior surface is a hybrid between moisture-absorbent, quick-drying material and soft raised fabric. Moisture-absorbent and quick-drying material is used on areas that cover the cheeks and brow where sweat tends to stick; and soft raised fabric is used on the parts where the skin tends to rub against when the rider wears/removes the helmet. This offers greater snugness and optimum comfort when wearing the helmet. The bottom edge of the cheek pad uses leather-like material that is more durable than the previous model, with an added design pattern with attention to detail.


The J-Cruise II features a micro-ratchet-type chinstrap, which the rider can adjust even while wearing thick gloves. The chinstrap features SHOEI's unique design, made for both convenience and safety, with the latches always hooking on in two places when locked. The lock opens if the buckle lever is lifted past a certain point.


Highly convenient communication systems are becoming a must-have feature for many riders. The J-Cruise II features an attachment mechanism for the SRL2 communication system, designed exclusively by SENA. Having an exclusive design allows the communication system to blend in well with the helmet when attached, and the system is easy to attach.




Sale Price: $854.90

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    Sale Price: $854.90 You Save: $45.00 (5%)!

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